Last year, I was referred to Amber because I was feeling sick. I had lots of digestive problems like constant bloating and my overall energy was depleted. This affected me in every aspect of my life including my work and exercise. Little did I know that the reason I was not able to loss the weight or have the energy to workout was because of my lack of proper nutrition. By proper I mean something that works for me, something customized for my unique system as no two people are exactly alike. Amber has helped me to understand what foods I’m allergic to and what foods promote better digestive heath as well as my immune health meanwhile eating very delicious food. For the first time since I can remember I feel light, strong, I have lots of energy and my overall mood has improved. Amber has taught me that knowledge is power and longevity.
— Henry Medina, New York, NY

The 10-day Spring Detox & Cleanse was a great experience for me. This is not your typical detox or cleanse. I was able to eat whole, nutritious foods and never felt like I was deprived of anything. In fact, the meals were some of the best I’ve had in a while. My motivation to take part in this cleanse was primarily to see how I felt when eating certain foods. Luckily, I found that I had no aversions to any of the foods in question. While my diet will basically remain the same, I have found that I am much more mindful of what I put into my body. Over the course of the cleanse, I learned that I am not as dependent on caffeine, sugar, and other non-essential foods as I originally thought. It’s odd that by limiting my intake of certain foods, I actually ended up feeling more free in my choices afterwards. If you are considering any type of cleanse or detox this year, I definitely recommend working with Amber. From the emails to the Facebook chats, I definitely felt like I had a team behind me! I also just really want to stress how well this program was put together. I learned to recognized signs from my body, discovered motivations behind my food choices, and even lost a few pounds in the process. Total win-win!
— Presley S., Augusta, GA
I am so very happy to have recently participated in a 10 Day Spring Detox hosted by Amber Williford. At first, after reading through the detox guidelines, I was a bit apprehensive about some of the foods I would be giving up for the duration. But I realized that the elimination and re-introduction of these various food groups was part of the learning process, and decided to go ahead and just do it.

Amber couldn’t have made things easier to follow. She provided 8 very visually appealing documents to use as tools to get the process started... such things as an overall Detox Guide, a Meal Plan for those who would like to have one to follow and a Meal Preparation Guide and Blank Meal Planner for those who prefer to plan their own meals. There is a Shopping List, Recipe Guide, Eating Out Guide, and Re-introduction Phase Guide. I made good use of them - they were very informative and easy to read and understand.

Each day, Amber sent an email message with some helpful advice and lots of motivational support. And in the private Facebook group, she was always there to answer questions and offer praise and encouragement. It was nice to be able to contact and share with the other detox participants this way, too.

During the detox phase I became very aware of how caffeine affects my body. And I also enjoyed some new-to-me breakfast recipes from Amber’s list. This has spurred me on to keep experimenting with new foods and to note how I feel afterward.

I would certainly recommend Amber’s services to anyone who is interested in learning more about their own nutrition needs.
— Elle, Victoria, BC Canada

I am the poster child of “ yo yo dieting”, or as I like to call it, consistently inconsistent. I would work out and go for Mexican food, (don’t forget the beer!) I needed to make a change. With Ambers motivation and wealth of knowledge, I’m doing just that. She has taught me good nutrition tips, understanding what works best for my body and how a little planning and discipline can make a difference.

I am slowly having the body I want, and finally understanding what a healthy lifestyle is all about.
— Sarah C., Jacksonville, FL