Online Personal Training

Chris is a lifesaver. Seriously. He helped me identify my goals and clearly laid out a plan to help me achieve them. I have worked out with multiple trainers over the years and Chris is BY FAR the best! He is all of the things a trainer should be – motivating, knowledgeable, results-driven, and responsive. But more importantly, he is everything you wish everyone was - joyful, funny, insightful, patient and understanding. One of things that sets Chris apart is that he follows up with you, even when you’re not at the gym, to make sure you’re hitting your goals. There’s no question that I am more fit today than I’ve ever been, thanks to Chris. I highly recommend him, without reservation.

-Peter J. Poljan

Chris Hale is an NASM certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist who has gone through his own amazing personal body transformation over the last 10 years. He has helped support his clients, both men and woman, to achieve their dream bodies here in New York City and online clients worldwide.

Your success in achieving your goals is in both of our best interests and is 100% our focus. Our job is to provide you with the tools and the map to success with ongoing weekly support and your job is to put the plan into action!


Your Online Personal Training Program Will Include:

  • Goal setting and accountability to help get you to success.

  • The convenience of working out on your own schedule, never have to "schedule" time with a personal trainer again!
  • 30 minute initial Skype/Facetime consultation with fitness assessment and movement screening followed by monthly movement screenings to assess changes and improvements in mobility and flexibility to correct asymmetries and improve movement quality for optimal performance.

  • Tailored monthly periodized workout program with adjustments made as much as needed based on progress or difficulties.

  • Workouts delivered to an easy-to-use app on your smartphone for easy tracking.

  • Bi-weekly/weekly progress photos and measurement analysis to keep you on track. Before photos and measurements are required and can be tracked in-app.

  • Unlimited email or in app messaging support.

  • Not sure if you are doing an exercise correctly? Unlimited exercise form video analysis from Chris whenever you need it.

  • 15-20 min check in calls as needed.

  • Supplement guidance to support your goals.


Included in your Online Personal Training App:

  • An updated weekly training calendar

  • Personalized workouts delivered right to your phone (iPhone or Android)

  • Fun in-app integrations with your favorite programs such as MyFitnessPal and FitBit!

  • In-app messaging to ask questions or get feedback

  • Workout tracking to keep track of weights used during your workout and how your strength is progressing

  • Progress stats such as weight, measurement and progress photos

  • Timer to help you keep track of rest breaks between sets

  • Instructions or video for each exercise given so you know exactly how to perform each workout


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