Awakened Nutrition & Training 3 Phase: Women's Fat Loss Program

Are you tired of feeling like nothing fits and not being able to lose fat?

Do you find that you are having reactions to some of your meals after you eat them but can't seem to pinpoint which food is the culprit? 

Do you find yourself unsure of what to do in the gym and shying away from the weight room? Do find yourself always going straight for the cardio equipment? OR completely avoiding exercising all together?


If you said YES to any of these questions, then we want you to transform the way you EAT, LOOK, and FEEL in our 3 Phase Fat Loss Program that will address all of these issues and more!

The hardest part when trying to get healthy is knowing what workouts to do to start seeing results and lose fat, understanding what the best nutritional approach to follow, and maintaining an ongoing healthy lifestyle within your already busy life.

What we’ve created is a 3 Phase Fat Loss Program to help guide you navigate your healthy + busy lifestyle.

How it works: Each of the 3 phases lasts 4 weeks so the entire program will be 3 months long. We are going to layer healthy habits which include nutrition and intentional exercise programs to address stability, endurance and strength, we will work on mindset shifts that are holding you back from achieving your dream body, and more throughout each month which will produce lasting results.

Why does it take 3 months? Most of our clients who follow Phase 1 of our program initially lose 7-11 pounds. The mistake we have seen some make is that they go straight back to their old ways of eating and not exercising because they feel they have reach some sort of invisible finish line.

“If you want something you've never had, you must be willing  to do something  you've never done.” - Thomas Jefferson.png

The ones who keep the fat they lost off are the ones who understand that they are not at the finish line. This is just the start of a new health journey and there are more exciting changes to come! In 4 weeks, you have barely started laying down the foundation work in your health and fat loss journey. We are going to stop the stop/start cycle and continue to give you the tools to build on healthy habits for continued success!

We especially want to encourage women to get into the gym and transform their body and health. As you work with us, we want you to get outside of your comfort zone and not be scared of trying new things such as exercising in a gym. We want you to realize that you are stronger than you think you are.

Our workouts are designed to get you in the gym and push past those limitations in order for you to get stronger and more confident.

You will eat and train so you can have the VERY best life!

  • you can run around with your children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren in the park

  • you don’t have to have the guilt of “starting over on Monday”

  • you can hike mountains and check out the stellar views at the top

  • you can eventually eat the foods you love the most and not beat yourself up after, hello tacos!!

  • you can wear the someday clothes you always pin on your Pinterest fashion board

  • you can run races with your friends and family

  • you can take the stairs without feeling winded

But in order to achieve all of this, you MUST dedicate yourself, stop making excuses and put in the work.

Awakened Nutrition & Training 3 Phase: Women's Fat Loss Program

— Angela V., Nevada

Awakened Nutrition & Training 3 Phase: Women's Fat Loss Program


No more binging and starting over on Monday.

No more losing and gaining the same 5 pounds.

When you make the decision to improve your health with our 3 Phase Fat Loss Program and focus on the proven nutrition and exercise program that we have designed with your needs in mind, you will start to get out of the diet mentality and build long lasting results.

Feel confident with your workouts week to week! No more feeling confused about what workouts to do to help you lose fat and build sexy muscle.

Have a personal trainer in your pocket each time you step into the gym. We have designed fun and challenging workouts that you will track in our fitness app with instructional videos from us that tell you exactly what to do each day.

Awakened Nutrition & Training 3 Phase: Women's Fat Loss Program

Have you found yourself going from diet to diet program trying to find that magic diet or quick fix to losing fat?

Imagine transforming BOTH your body + your relationship with food. 

The good news. We have a solution for you!! We believe in the concept of bio-individuality, which means that there is no one food or magic diet for anyone. It means that you will learn what are the right foods that work uniquely for YOU and fuel YOUR body.

In this 3 phase program we will begin to build a roadmap for you through nutritious food, exercise and accountability.

Our clients have lost fat, reduced belly bloat, gotten clearer skin, reduced brain fog, regained motivation in the gym, and lost inches throughout their body!  

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BBB Fitness app.png


The workouts have been designed to set the foundation for your fitness so you can build a habit and set yourself up to be 24 hour fat burning machine! Over the next 3 months you will focus on stability, endurance and strength to transform your body. Our fitness app will give you the ability to view and track your workouts right in the palm of your hand.

BBB food.png


We give you dozens of deliciously easy recipes created with flavor and health in mind. We cut out all of the packaged junk and use only fresh ingredients that will work with your body, making your food easier to digest and keep you feeling satisfied. Our clients and their families fall in love with these delicious recipes.



We have created this program with your busy life in mind! We wanted it to be fun and easy to follow so you don't have any extra stress on your plate. Meal plans, recipes, workouts, and printables are all at your fingertips to help maximize your success.



Stay on track with program emails + a peer led Facebook group for accountability and support. No matter what program phase you are in, you will have the support you need from us and women just like you who will encourage and hold you accountable throughout the program while you achieve your health goals! One of our favorite things is the community we have built in our programs, we start out as friends and leave as family!

28 Day Beat Belly Bloat program with Amber and Chris Hale

I am Amber Hale. I'm a Health Coach and the co-creator
of the Beat Belly Bloat program. My husband Chris and I help busy hard working women (like you!) ditch belly bloat so that they can jump-start their weight loss - using the same tools that I have used for myself over the last several years!

Growing up, I had no idea what eating healthy looked like besides eating a lot of vegetables with my dinner and striving to eat as much fat-free foods as possible (what I thought was healthy at the time). Otherwise, I was eating tons of fast food and unhealthy processed food like Little Debbie snacks, candy bars, sodas, sugary sweet tea, Kool-aid…. basically whatever I wanted, I could pretty much eat it. 

So it’s no surprise that I’ve struggled with excess weight around my midsection for as long as I can remember. 

Even after overhauling my diet and eating healthy unprocessed foods, I still carried a good amount of fat around my midsection. Super disappointing! 

From my teenage years until my mid-20's, I was riding on a weight loss roller coaster. After many years of trying to find that magic weight loss pill or diet or BOTH, I was gently guided back on the right path by my now husband Chris. In 2009, Chris introduced me to eating a clean balanced diet, weight training and I learned to LOVE the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle!

From my teenage years until my mid-20's, I was riding on a weight loss roller coaster. After many years of trying to find that magic weight loss pill or diet or BOTH, I was gently guided back on the right path by my now husband Chris. In 2009, Chris introduced me to eating a clean balanced diet, weight training and I learned to LOVE the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle!

But In my late 20’s, I started suffering from a leaky gut, which means that my stomach lining was damaged - most likely from years of eating toxic fake foods and medications as a young child combined with stress, alcohol, a LOT of partying and very little sleep as a young adult – this allowed the food I was eating to pass through my intestinal lining causing multiple food sensitivities to the foods I loved the most.

I quickly realized that foods like soy, dairy and later egg whites, which I thought were nourishing me and was enjoying every day, were causing inflammation in my body. 

I felt bloated and gassy all of the time, had no energy, I couldn't lose weight, and was constantly fighting food cravings – my body was under attack and I always felt like something was out of balance.  
Not a very sexy feeling! 

But I couldn't pinpoint which foods were the culprit foods that were making me feel this way.

When I ate the foods I was sensitive to, I felt bloated all of the time, had no energy, I couldn't lose weight, and was constantly fighting food cravings - I just felt like something was out of balance. 

I had to take a step back from the foods I was eating and rediscover the foods that worked best for my body and remove the foods that worked against it. Once I discovered and removed the foods that were inflaming my body, I was then able to focus on my fitness and lost 17lbs.  I felt amazing!

If you are struggling with some of the same symptoms that I had and feeling confused about what to eat, then this program is for you.  

As a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I learned tools that helped me to become a healthy person in a completely different way. I learned tools that have allowed me to reduce stress, achieve my goals, live a healthier life, and learn how to balance everything that fills up my busy life.

Chris and I are ready to teach you to the same tools we have learned through our training and our own health journeys!

In Phase 1, you will learn your flat belly blueprint. You will know exactly which foods give you optimal energy, which jump-start your metabolism, and those that reduce cravings. Plus how to plan your own meals and incorporate a weekly fitness program that will boost your ability to lose weight and keep it off.

With Our 3 Phase Fat Loss Program,
You Can Experience This Too!

  • Uncover hidden food allergies

  • Reduce belly bloat

  • Rev up your metabolism

  • Stop sugar cravings

  • Lose fat effortlessly

  • Build up your immune system

  • Improve gut health, digestion and regulate your bowels

  • Clear skin issues such as eczema and acne

  • Remove buildup of toxins that are wreaking havoc on your health

  • Reduce foggy thinking and have more focus

  • Feel great in your own skin

If there’s one thing we’ve learned so far in coaching clients and running transformational programs, is that people want to feel better and they want to make changes, but it needs to be as simple as possible. We know that following the Beat Belly Bloat program will be transformational and amazing - but, there’s one catch - you have to follow it

Amber and Chris Hale

We promise you this:

You will not starve.

You will not be deprived.

You will eat delicious food.

You will have a workout plan that works.

You will understand which foods are right for you.

You will thrive!!


  • Discover the foods that are making you bloat though an easy-to-follow elimination diet. Then start creating a new healthy eating plan with foods that are right for you and your unique body that will help you slim down for LIFE not just one season out of the year.

  • Start an easy-to-implement fat burning workouts with our exercise app right on your phone. So get ready to start blasting the fat away, releasing bloat and stress!

  • Learn the many reasons why you may suffer from dreaded belly bloat and the tools you can start implementing today to help reduce belly bloat and improve your digestion.

  • Discover the foods that you are eating every day that might actually be stopping you from losing weight and fitting into your skinny jeans. Because ain't nobody got time for that!

  • Learn how to plan healthy, delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will leave you satisfied with every bite - even if you are busy and have no time.

  • Take the exact steps, week by week, that will help you achieve long-lasting results.




Beat Belly Bloat Guide - A step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to beat belly bloat using the elimination diet to create your personal flat belly blueprint. The program includes (14) days of Trigger Food Elimination and (14) days of Reintroduction. 

4 Weeks of Fat Burning Workouts - Exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress, reduce belly bloat, sleep better and balance your hormones. These effective fat-burning workouts have been designed to help you start sculpting your dream body and build a fitness habit. You will be able to track your workouts directly in our fitness app that you can download to your phone.

Facebook Support -  Peer led support daily in a Facebook group.

2 Weeks of Meal Plans + Shopping Lists – A done-for-you meal plan + grocery shopping lists to use during the 14 day core Elimination period, this will take the stress out of planning as well as save you both time and money.

Recipe Ebook and Snack Guide - Dozens of delicious recipes created with and health in mind. We cut out all of the packaged junk and use only fresh ingredients that will work with your body, making your food easier to digest and keep you feeling satisfied.

Food and Mood Journals – Track your progress every step of the way. Write down your moods and how each food makes you feel during your program. This is how you create your individual no-bloat blueprint for life.

*Files are digital and ready for download. The fitness app will be set up the weekend before the program starts*

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Beat Belly Bloat Before and After
It’s hard to find the right words to express my gratitude to both Amber and Chris. I am a mother of two active little boys (5 and 3) and never seemed to bounce back like all those other mother runners. Last year I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and the Las Vegas Half Marathon. My times were ok, but my energy levels were down and I always felt blah and exhausted. A fellow runner Amanda Brooks (@runtothefinish) mentioned Amber and her 28 Day Beat Belly Bloat on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to Amber and her positive personality. So I decided that for my birthday I would give myself this gift. It was like this program was specifically made for me! From the first day everything clicked for me. I felt better as each day passed and to be honest I was nervous when I had to start adding back my trigger foods. I found out that my beloved coffee wasn’t agreeing with my stomach and that gluten was also sensitivity for me.

So what was the best part? I loved that this program let me continue to train for my Spring Half Marathon. I had more energy than ever before! I also loved the added strength training portion. Usually I just run and do Pilates, but I forget how important doing a strength program is for runners. And let’s be honest who doesn’t want The Chris Abs? Have you seen them? That is actually my next goal and as you can see from my photos I’m not far from it! I lost weight (7lbs, which I was shocked about) and inches and most importantly got my energy back. It’s all there for you in an easy to follow program. I’m not a great cook, so I could follow Amber’s plan and not feel like I had to be an amazing cook.

Do I think the 28 Day Beat Belly Bloat is worth it? YES!!! Having Amber and Chris there by your side through this process is priceless. They are there to answer questions, hold you accountable, and most of all support you. Honestly, I now consider them friends! They are my biggest supporters. I love this community and how it can connect us with amazing people.

Thank you Amber and Chris from the bottom of my heart!
— Jamie B., New Brunswick, Canada

Before and after
Amber and Chris are AMAZING! With their help, I was able to lose inches all over, but more importantly, I learned how to have a better relationship with health/fitness.

Amber provided delicious, easy recipes to help kick cravings to the curb, and through the elimination process, I was able to discover how my body reacts to specific foods. I now avoid dairy and minimize gluten, making me feel better all around and less bloated, but I also do not find it hard to cook this way because of their recipes! I’ve been able to ditch the latest fads, and instead find a new food blueprint that suits ME and what my body needs. Additionally, both Amber and Chris coached me on how to navigate traveling around the holidays, eating out, and prioritizing myself and my goals around the holidays.

Chris provided wonderful, challenging workouts that gave me results! I was not always able to fit them in because of hectic schedules, and I STILL got results... I know they would have been even greater had I stuck to the program 100%. The workouts were not too difficult and never felt mundane. He went so far as to create a detailed video for me on great stretches to do when a certain part of my leg was hurting!

They always went above and beyond! From daily check-ins to motivation to the guilt-free approach, I never felt overwhelmed or like I could not stick to their program. I have gained a new LIFESTYLE thanks to both Amber and Chris and I can not recommend this dynamic duo enough!!
— Elsa P., Denver, CO

I started the beat belly bloat program because I had been battling inflammation and thyroid issues. I’ve tried to lose weight and couldn’t so I really had nothing to lose. No pun intended. I eat fairly clean for the most part and have been avoiding gluten because of my thyroid. This program rocked my world. I loved the workouts Chris put together and the book with all the recipes that Amber did is amazing. I will admit it didn’t follow the program 100% but with that being said I lost 7 1/2 pounds. Had I been diligent with the program I’d lost probably 12 to 15 pounds. I am as motivated as ever with my results to continue on with this program to get off the pounds that I haven’t been able to get off in the past. I’m ready for phase 2 Amber and Chris.
— Lisa T., Oklahoma

Despite “eating healthy” and exercising, I was continuing to struggle with losing weight and constant belly bloat. In looking for new ideas, I found the Belly Bloat Program. After emailing Amber numerous questions, I decided this was a great opportunity for me to learn more about my body, what I’m eating, and how to be aware of how my body reacts to what I put into it.

The program itself is beyond easy to follow. The first two weeks are the elimination phase, where you remove foods that can be inflammatory: corn, soy, dairy, wheat, and eggs. The plan is laid out in a wonderful workbook. In the beginning of the program you receive the plan on eliminating these foods, as well as when and how they will be reintroduced. To make it easier, a packet of great recipes is included and shopping lists as well. My favorite part, were the worksheets where you can write about what you eat and how your body feels.

Outside of just removing and reintroducing the foods, this program discussed different things to look for: nausea, stomach upset, even runny nose for mucus producing foods. Most of these symptoms were things I was unaware of! Despite already removing soy and most dairy, this plan gave me so much information on areas soy can be hiding, like in tuna packets, and ways to get really amazing flavors without these ingredients.

I was never hungry on the program, made some amazing new recipes, and learned so much about how my body reacts to food! On top of all that I learned, I also lost 8 lbs and 10 inches total! My body fat also dropped. I was so excited by these results!!

I have reintroduced most of the foods. I still avoid dairy, other than some cheeses, and soy. I now limit corn, gluten and eggs, but do eat those. I choose to limit them, because, well, I have found DELICIOUS alternatives to help change up the meal plan!

I definitely recommend this program. Even if no weight was lost, the knowledge is totally worth it!
— Angela V., Nevada


Do I need to join a gym? Right now this is a gym equipment based program because we want you to get maximal benefit and be able to continue to push yourself. An apartment gym or discount gym will work just fine. There are many gyms that cost $10-$15 a month. Do a search in your area to see if you have one in your area. Additionally, you can email us to see if your home gym equipment would suffice.

Do I need to be on Facebook to participate? No, there will be program information sent via email but we encourage you to join the community there for daily peer support and additional bonus content.

Will I be hungry hungry on the program? No, there is no starving in this program. The recipes you will be eating during this program are designed for you to feel satisfied, nourished and detox your body naturally. There are also plenty of snacks in your Recipe Guide for healthy snacking options. Remember, the goal of the program is to lessen the load on your digestive system, not to deprive you of food!

Will I feel tired during the program? In Phase 1, you may experience feeling tired the first few days as you remove trigger foods that are unknowingly causing inflammation in your body but many people experience feeling more alert, more focused and report having lost scale weight even in the first few days of elimination.

What kitchen tools will I need? Your normal kitchen tools such as saute skillets, baking pans, and a blender. If you have a juicer, that is great too but not essential.

I am super busy. Can I do this? This program was created with the busy person in mind because we constantly stay busy ourselves and know how hard it is. However, in order to be successful you will need to set aside some time. If you do not start to prioritize your health now, then when? You will be given the materials in advance so you have time to plan, shop and prep all your food for Phase 1.

What happens after Phase 1 of the program? What do I eat? After you complete The Elimination Phase, you will begin the Re-introduction Phase. The purpose of the the Re-introduction Phase is to slowly begin reintroducing the foods on the Avoid List back into your diet one at a time. It is important to follow this schedule to allow for an adequate period of time after each reintroduction to better note any reactions. Imbalances such as any mood changes, gurgling in the stomach, gas, bloating, constipation, weight gain and/or sleeplessness are all signs of imbalances. This process will really educate you as to what foods cause you inflammation and what foods give you energy. Once you know the effects these foods have on your body, you can then create your personal eating plan and use the meal plan in weeks 1 & 2 as a meal guide to help you transition back to normal life. You will then move onto Phase 2 and be able to create your personalized eating plan using our 4 week meal plan.

What if I have to travel, have a function or a dinner planned during Phase 1? For the most part, we recommend that you minimize your social engagements as much as possible during the 14 day Elimination period, but we also realize that that's not always possible - life must go on! You can still follow the program by eating more simply at dinners, asking questions about what kind of cooking oils are used during preparation and requesting dishes that are off the menu. Most restaurants are happy to accommodate as many people now live with food allergies. As a bonus, we will provide you with an Eating Out Survival Guide which will give you easy tips and tricks so that you can still enjoy your night out without destroying the progress from your program!

Will I have to spend all of my time in the kitchen? Not at all! We will share 2 options on how to meal prep for the first Phase of the program this can actually applied to all Phases and your everyday life thereafter. You can follow our done-for-you meal plan which is designed for the busy person or someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We've created a meal plan that uses the "cook once, eat three times” method, so you're learning to prep meals in advance in order to save time. But, for the person that loves to cook and wants to be adventurous in the kitchen, there's also the option to create your own meal plan from the many recipes provided in the recipe guide. You can make this as simple as you would like! 

What if I have food allergies? We take food allergies very seriously which is why we created this program. The recipes are free of the top 8 allergens, but please take note if you have a known allergy to another food such as shellfish, citrus fruit, apples, etc. Each recipe can be modified to accommodate any specific food allergies you may have. Please take a look at the meal plan and shopping list to find out about any foods that may not work for you.

What if I need extra support for my meals and workouts?  We will have a peer guided support group where you will check-in each day to get encouragement and we will be there too! Additional one-on-one coaching can be provided for extra support if needed, email us for more information.


Have More Questions?

Contact me! We are here to support and guide you every step of the way! 

All Digital Files are Non-Refundable


I am so very happy to have recently participated in the Detox hosted by Amber Williford. At first, after reading through the detox guidelines, I was a bit apprehensive about some of the foods I would be giving up for the duration. But I realized that the elimination and re-introduction of these various food groups was part of the learning process, and decided to go ahead and just do it.

Amber couldn’t have made things easier to follow. She provided 8 very visually appealing documents to use as tools to get the process started... such things as an overall Detox Guide, a Meal Plan for those who would like to have one to follow and a Meal Preparation Guide and Blank Meal Planner for those who prefer to plan their own meals. There is a Shopping List, Recipe Guide, Eating Out Guide, and Re-introduction Phase Guide. I made good use of them - they were very informative and easy to read and understand.

Each day, Amber sent an email message with some helpful advice and lots of motivational support. And in the private Facebook group, she was always there to answer questions and offer praise and encouragement. It was nice to be able to contact and share with the other detox participants this way, too.

During the detox phase I became very aware of how caffeine affects my body. And I also enjoyed some new-to-me breakfast recipes from Amber’s list. This has spurred me on to keep experimenting with new foods and to note how I feel afterward.

I would certainly recommend Amber’s services to anyone who is interested in learning more about their own nutrition needs.
— Elle, Victoria, BC Canada

Amber’s program uses the best method to determine your food allergies. With her support, I was able to nail down the root cause of my eczema, which has plagued me since I was a teen. Her program combines both nutrition and exercise to give you the best possible results!
— Chris T., Texas

The Detox & Cleanse was a great experience for me. This is not your typical detox or cleanse. I was able to eat whole, nutritious foods and never felt like I was deprived of anything. In fact, the meals were some of the best I’ve had in a while. My motivation to take part in this cleanse was primarily to see how I felt when eating certain foods. Luckily, I found that I had no aversions to any of the foods in question. While my diet will basically remain the same, I have found that I am much more mindful of what I put into my body. Over the course of the cleanse, I learned that I am not as dependent on caffeine, sugar, and other non-essential foods as I originally thought. It’s odd that by limiting my intake of certain foods, I actually ended up feeling more free in my choices afterwards. If you are considering any type of cleanse or detox this year, I definitely recommend working with Amber. From the emails to the Facebook chats, I definitely felt like I had a team behind me! I also just really want to stress how well this program was put together. I learned to recognized signs from my body, discovered motivations behind my food choices, and even lost a few pounds in the process. Total win-win!
— Presley S., Augusta, GA

I have always been nervous to do an elimination diet because they are so restrictive. I had an allergy panel done but felt like I still had some food sensitivities I didn’t know about. I loved not having to worry about finding my own recipes or creating shopping lists - everything was researched & done for me! If you think you might need to try an elimination diet for a food sensitivity, I highly recommend the Beat Belly Bloat Program.
— Cassandra P., California

My husband and I enjoyed the recipes and have added many to our meal rotation. The detox helped with bloating I tend to experience and I felt more energetic at the end. I also have found some foods that my body doesn’t respond to well, which I have been able to cut out of my diet and feel even better. Thank you!
— Tara G., Birmingham, AL

Before this detox my eating had gotten out of control and I felt like I was in a total food rut. Not only did I learn what kinds of foods I should be feeding my body, but I learned something much more valuable. My relationship with food wasn’t just about nourishing my body, for me it was an emotional crutch, one I’m happy to not need anymore. Through Jill and Amber’s comprehensive plan and continued support, I now feel empowered and creative in the kitchen; I feel like I eat when I’m hungry and need energy, not when I’m sad or depressed. I feel like my weight loss goals are now attainable, not because I’m dieting, but because I’m eating whole, unprocessed and nourishing food. If you’re ever going to do a detox plan, do this one, you won’t regret it.
— Kareen Wolf

If you are feeling…







Then it is time for a change.

If you are ready for a fresh start, the time is NOW!

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