My Favorite Things: Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

Since the revealing of my soy allergy, I have not been able to use any sort of aerosol oil spray as they all contain the evil soy. I tossed out all of my cooking sprays and start cooking everything with extra virgin olive oil. As we all may know, EVOO is a good fat when used in moderation, but since I was using it in such large quantities, it has caused me to take in a lot of extra unnecessary calories. This all changed as of a few weeks ago while I was shopping at TJmaxx. I discovered a magical little product called the Misto Olive Oil Sprayer!

When I bought my Misto, I was under the impression it would have some sort of wimpy spray pump that would get clogged after a few months, but to my surprise it was just the opposite! I was blown away when I realized that it acts as an aerosol sprayer and after a few pumps of the lid, it sprays just the same as the store bought soy containing aerosol sprays. The aerosol type spray allows you to coat the whole pan evenly that way you don't burn your food or use unnecessary amounts oil. The great thing about this sprayer is that you can use any oil and even add the balsamic vinegar to it to create a vinaigrette spray. It comes in a cute aluminum brushed canister, so you can have it sitting out without it being an eyesore. I found my Misto at TJmaxx for $7.99, but I also found it on Amazon for $9.70.

I can already tell I am going to get a lot of uses out of this little guy! Leave me a comment below telling me what's your favorite kitchen tool!