My Favorite Things: Organic Liquid Stevia!

Organic Liquid Stevia
Since I grew up in the south, I naturally have a strong sweet tooth. My mom practically bottle fed me sweet tea as a baby and I drank it like water growing up. I gave up sugar back in 2005 when I started the South Beach Diet and had great success with cutting it out of my diet.  I learned to love the odd taste of Splenda and never had the urge to go back to real sugar (unless it is in a dessert of course). I used to drink a lot of coffee and tea loaded with Splenda to keep up with my naughty sweet tooth.  I got to thinking that I might be consuming a little too much artificial sweetener.  
My curiosity led me to several studies about the possible negative effects on one's health and it being made from chemicals. I did a little online research and decided to make the switch to Stevia, an all-natural zero calorie herbal sweetener. So far I have heard nothing but good things about Stevia AND... it has definitely got the seal of approval with my sweet tooth!
 I have used both powder and liquid Stevia and have found the liquid to be the better of the two because it mixes well and it seems less bitter to me. Liquid Stevia is now one of my favorite products inside and outside of the kitchen (I carry it everywhere I go!). I use NOW Organic Liquid Stevia in my tea, coffee, baked goods, oatmeal, and anything else I think needs to be sweetened!