My Favorite Things: Square Silicone Baking Cups!

My most recent favorite things are these adorable square silicone baking cups!! In the past couple weeks I've had so much baking success with my soy/lactose free protein muffin and loaf recipes, that I decided I should reward myself with some new baking tools! I've wanted these cups for so long, but I couldn't find them anywhere around NYC. Last week I finally purchased them on for only $9.99 with free shipping through my Amazon Prime account. But before purchasing them I read all the reviews to make sure I was getting a quality product (I am a crazy review reader). The only negative comment that came up more than once was that they were a little hard to clean. This wasn't the case for me, they washed up just fine with soap and water. So far I have baked two batches of muffins, both which came out perfectly! I am really looking forward to getting creative with more protein muffins, mini desserts, and egg cups...the possibilities are endless!