My Favorite Things: Tan in a Can...or Bottle

I am a born and raised Florida girl, who has been rocking a golden tan from 1983 until 2008, the year that I made the move to NYC.  When I first moved up, I couldn't stand the fact that I was losing my tan.  I tried using tanning beds, but I quickly realized that was way too expensive to maintain.  I also had to take into consideration that tanning beds aren't the best thing for my skin and could cause wrinkles or even skin cancer, which actually runs in my family.  I eventually had to embrace my unavoidable pale skin and come to the realization that it wasn't necessary for me to still have a "real" year round tan.So although I've gotten past the fact that I'm never going to be that golden tanned girl I once was, I still don't mind the occasional faux glow.  I don't regularly use sunless self-tanners that you have to apply and let dry, basically because I don't have time to sit around naked while it dries onto my skin. I've tried other options like the gradual tanning lotion Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion with no luck.  I liked the idea of easily putting on a lotion, but I thought it smelled a little funny. My most successful find so far has been the Clinique Self Sun Tinted Lotion.  Everything about this tanner is absolutely amazing!  I use the Light/Medium tinted body lotion, versus the face lotion, because I am able to use it on both my body and face.  It's great because I use it as my moisturizer and then put my makeup or bronzer on right over it. It doesn't have the "self-tanner" smell, so I can use it and not feel self-conscious about   being the smelly girl all day.  And is only $23 for a pretty big bottle at Clinique and it lasts me a long time. Check it out and tell me what you think!