Egg Beaters vs. Real Eggs

I am curious how many of you out there eat Egg Beaters instead of real eggs? 
I eat only REAL eggs and egg whites on a daily basis. But this weekend while visiting my family in Florida, I got my hands on a carton of Egg Beaters. I was making myself a delicious kale omelet when I almost poured it into the pan, but thank goodness I read the label first. I was completely SHOCKED by the long list of ingredients that were listed on the carton, which not surprisingly included soy (YUCK!). I am curious why a product that claims to be more nutritious than an egg (one of the cleanest foods you could possibly eat)  has well over 20 ingredients. I couldn't get an accurate count of ingredients since Egg Beaters doesn't even list out the ingredients on their website. So I've sent them an email asking them if they had a list of ingredients hidden anywhere on the website, hopefully they will get back with me and provide me with that information. :)
If any of you guys are still consuming Egg Beaters, please just weigh the pro's and con's of eating REAL wholesome clean foods to fake super processed foods.  Your body will thank you!!! :)
Here are a few great articles on Egg Beaters vs. Real Eggs: blog breaks down all the ingredients in  Egg Beaters. It explains the body creates and uses cholesterol. - Food for Fools - I love the Brad Pitt vs. Charlie Sheen reference :) Real eggs vs. Egg Beaters. This article also talks about real vs. fake butter and real bacon vs. regular bacon facts - Studies, the breakdown of the egg, "good" vs. "bad" Cholesterol and more.