When Health Bloggers Unite!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting fellow New Yorker and health blogger Daria McDermott for the first time (in real life) over a cup of Joe. Our first official "meeting" was via our facebook pages last summer, since then we've bonded over our fitness journeys and the fact that we both live in New York City. Daria is a super inspiring woman with a passion for healthy living. She started training and eating clean over a year ago and hasn't turned back ever since. Once she was addicted to this amazing lifestyle, she started writing a blog about her ever developing healthy life and the tips and tricks she has learned along the way. This gal isn't allergic to soy, but she has tipped me off on several really great soy-free products over the last several months.

After months of saying "we should get together", we finally found a day that worked for both of us. We met during Daria's lunch break at Pret coffee shop. Which worked out perfectly because it is just around the corner form my gym (bonus!). Daria sipped on hot tea, while I had coffee with my stevia and almond milk. We chatted for a solid hour about everything: recipes, blogging, gym memberships, personal trainers, food, booze, favorite products, diet struggles, and our personal lives. That hour flew by so quickly because we were having such a good time together. It was so nice to talk to talk to someone who is as health obsessed as I am! I think we literally could have talked for hours, which I hope to do so again soon! Hopefully she and I can work together on a few things in there near future...possibly a contest and maybe even doing a little guest blogging on each others site. What do you say Daria?? :)

Find Daria on her blog dariamcdermott.com, her facebook page, and twitterAlso check out her super sweet blog post about our Semi-Blind Date.
We asked a girl on the street to take our picture outside of the coffee shop and coincidentally in front of her home gym
Daria and I right before getting in trouble for taking pictures inside Pret coffee shop, who knew you weren't allowed to take pictures inside of a coffee shop :)