Keeping Stress-Free and Healthy!

It is time to celebrate! After 12 LONG days of not being able to go to the gym, I finally get to go back today! I've been sick with a terrible cough, low energy and body aches for the last couple weeks, it hasn't been fun. I went to the doctor last Saturday to make sure I didn't have any sort of infection that I needed to take care of and luckily I didn't. It looks like the bronchitis and cold I had a few weeks before was lingering and came back on my way to DC. The Doc said all I really needed was to get some rest, drink lots of fluids and try to keep my stress levels down if possible. I left her office with a prescription for an inhaler to use if I am having trouble breathing, but so far I haven't had to use it. She also said I could continue taking Mucinex to help with my cough. I have done as she said and kept my stress levels down, Memorial Day weekend was a good time to de-stress since work was slow. Chris and I took it easy and enjoyed spending our weekend sunbathing in Central Park and having a sunset cocktail at Pier i Cafe'  a beautiful outdoor bar/cafe' on right along the Hudson river. Last night when I got home from work, I spent some time laying on my roof and watching the sunset with my pup Chili Palmer. I felt like that was the most that I've relaxed in months (naughty Amber!!)! Although I haven't been in the gym, I've kept my diet very clean. I've done low carb for most of the week and a little higher carb on the weekend. I think this is the first time I've taken a break from the gym and not felt like I gained 5 pounds in the process!


I have learned over the past few months just how important relaxing and de-stressing the body is. Besides getting sick twice since March, I've also noticed that my digestion has gotten out of whack. I realized that I was getting very little sleep due to getting home from work so late, then in the mornings I would dash out of bed right away and start making breakfast and coffee, once that was done I would rush to get my lunch together, run to the gym and workout like a maniac, then immediately after I would go to work and repeat the same thing the following day. The only rest I was getting was the 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night. I now know I can't to just go go go all the time and expect to stay healthy. Right now I am focusing on making sure to get enough sleep at night, even if that means waking up later than normal. In the mornings after my alarm goes off, I lay in bed for about 15 to 20 minutes and check my twitter or see what is happening on instagram from my phone, my body has time to completely relax before starting the day. This seems to be helping tremendously with my digestion. I'm also trying to really listen to do deep breathing and focusing on keeping my body relaxed. I notice that for no reason when I'm on the train, I will have my shoulder up to my ears or if I'm sitting at home on the couch, my body will be tensed up. These little practices are making a big difference for me. Hopefully some of these tips will help you too! The key is to really listen to what your body is telling you, although I realize sometimes that isn't the easiest thing to do when you are constantly on the go or under a lot of pressure. I'm striving to live a stress-free and illness-free life, all I can do is try my best and with time and practice it will get easier!

What are your practices for keeping stress-free and healthy? Leave a comment below and share!

I'm off to the gym now, hope you all have a great day!

xo - Amber