Yoga in the Park - Brooklyn Bridge Park

Saturday I had the pleasure of going to Flavorpill and EmblemHealth's Yoga in the Park event at Brooklyn Bridge Park with my lovely friend Meredith from Dare You To.


I've spent a couple weekends enjoying the beauty of Brooklyn Bridge Park and their awesome pop-up swimming pool this summer so I was excited to attend this event!


I met Meredith at a subway station near the park just before 11am. We walked to find the Old Fulton Entrance of the park and did some catching up. There was some great people watching on the way, we saw a super cute wedding taking place near the water, we ogled some cute puppies and drooled over my new iPhone 5 and all it's glory. We finally found the event location after our nice little stroll along the water.


Upon entering the event we received a bright orange pouch from EmblemHealth with a snazzy purple water bottle, a pedometer, hand sanitizer and a pretty purple yoga mat with the handiest little black straps. It was a fun treat that we weren't expecting! I love free stuff :)


We found a great spot about halfway up the lawn from the stage. The view of the water and lower Manhattan was to die for! There were several advanced Yogis around us doing some pretty cool poses and DJ Drez was laying down some amazing beats with violinist Hannah Thiem playing along with him.


The class was led by Elena Brower and Aarona Pichinson, both really beautiful people. I actually received one of Elena's Yoga DVDs at FitBlogNYC this year, but it's still on my to do list (naughty Amber!!!). The focus of the practice that day was bridges and transitions. They guided us through the different poses while the music played in the background, it was a very powerful experience.

The class was about an hour and a half long. After it was done we went up to the front and thanked Elena for a great class. We were so relaxed after and wanted nothing more than to just lay down in the grass and take a nap, such a great feeling! I had such a nice workout, I am still feeling my back, glutes and abdominal muscles almost two days later!

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If you missed Yoga in the Park last weekend, you still have one more chance to enjoy this event next Saturday, September 29th at the Hudson River Park in NYC. The class will be lead by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman so don't miss this chance! RSVP here, bring a mat, a bottle of water and enjoy the positive vibes. See you there!

Namaste - Amber