#GetAfterIt Reebok Fitness Running Club Review!

On Saturday, I had the chance to participate in Reebok's first official Fitness Running Club. I geared up in the morning and met up with my girl Meredith around 9:30am. We walked in the FREEZING cold to the Reebok Fit Hub on 37th street and 5th avenue and met with Naomi and Betsy our fearless fitness run club leaders. Naomi is a Fitness Ambassador for Reebok and personal trainer and Betsy works at the Reebok Hub. They were very sweet and super motivating! We had a few minutes to kill so we ran around the store looking at all the super cute Reebok gear and found Meredith a really stylish gray zip up jacket to wear on the run. I found so many things I wanted there like high top black classic Reeboks, gray and pink training shoes, tons of cute tops and jackets (hint hint Santa!!)!

After we finished shopping, we made a quick before video together and then chatted with some of our fellow FitFluential family members Dre, Christy, Erika and Karina. It was so great to see some of the same people who were at the FitBlogNYC event back in May!

Naomi and Betsy rounded us all up and took us out in front of the store to stretch and warm up our cold muscles. They explained that we would be doing a 2 mile run and would stop at several points for body strength conditioning. The run wasn't hard since it was only 2 miles broken up. There was plenty of time to catch a breath during the instructions, although we kept our bodies moving the whole time. We did a lot of body weight exercises using walls, chairs and partners. It was a great workout and went by so fast! We had such a blast all being there together and making each other laugh along the way. It was even great to have people on the streets cheering us on! Everyone was curious what we were up to and asking us what was going on. We definitely need some sort of cool Reebok jackets next time since our t-shirts were covered up.

After we finished, we went back to the hub for water and to give Naomi feedback on what we thought about the workout.

I loved the workout! My whole body is still sore, which is always a good sign! I thought it was a good mix of cardio and strength conditioning. It was good for all fitness levels because Naomi gave different variations of each exercise. I will definitely try to make the next event and will share the event info with all of you!

Here is a video of Meredith and I during the whole process :)

Did you try a new workout this week? Would you be interested in joining a Reebok fitness event?