Christmas Excitement and a Coconut Flax Pancake Recipe

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent the weekend in hanging around in Central Park, doing school work and online Christmas shopping. 20121217-141807.jpgI'm going back home to Jacksonville, FL on Thursday for my first Christmas with the family since I moved up to NYC four years ago. The excitement I feel right now reminds me of how I felt every year growing up as a child! I seriously cant wait to do all things Christmas with my family! I look forward to listening to Christmas music as we drive around different neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights, Cooking with my mom and I can't wait to wake up on Christmas, have a hot cup of Joe and spend the whole day with Chris and my family! I believe it will be the best Christmas ever :)

20121217-141839.jpg I'm almost done shopping for everyone, there are just a few more things I have to get from my list but that will most likely have to wait until I get to FL. I even think my Christmas gifts I've gotten for everyone so far are all pretty awesome!

Since I've been on Keto this last week, I've eaten a ton of delicious foods! (Check out my Instagram for lots of foodporn!) I have been trying to experiment with a new low carb, higher fat pancakes and throughout the week and I whipped up these really delicious coconut flax pancakes. They were just the right consistency and were oh so moist! I tried to make 2 pancakes but since I used the small pan they merged into one cake.

20121217-141817.jpg Coconut Flax Pancakes 1 serving (1-2 pancakes)

•2 jumbo eggs •2 tbsp flax meal •2 tsp coconut flour •1 tbsp almond milk •Dash of baking soda •Cinnamon and stevia to taste

I topped mine with almond butter and the entire meal came out to about 368 calories.



What are you excited for this holiday season?


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