Good News - One Month Weight Loss Progress!

Yesterday I woke up to the flattest non-Buddha belly this body has seen in months! I immediately grabbed my phone to take a photo and lined it up to my other photos from 4 weeks ago. I forgot to weigh myself at the time because I was so excited over my progress, so when I woke up this morning I jumped on the scale and to my surprise I've already hit my 5lb weight loss goal a week early from my December 20th goal date! I was beyond happy to see 140 on the scale, because It's been months since I've seen that number! This happened because I kept a clean diet and got back in the gym I the gym regularly. I even had to take off 8 days from the gym last week to recover from bronchitis and still made progress! Another thing I've done this month is to set mini goals with my accountability partners. I decided to cut out all the alcohol until the 20th, which I usually have once or twice on the weekends, and on Sundays I normally enjoy chicken nachos or pizza for my weekly cheat meal so I've also decided to cut out the cheese for the month!20121213-173427.jpg
On Monday I started a Cyclical Ketogenic eating plan (high fat, moderate protein, low carb) and I feel great! I'm going to keep this up while I'm on Christmas vacation and save special dinners for my high carb cycling days that way I don't miss out on all the fun! 20121214-142853.jpg My best advice for anyone with weight loss goals is that results don't happen over night but they can happen quicker then you think as long as you make a commitment to your health! You have to decide what is most important to you right now, is it the holiday the treats and booze or is it the way you look and feel? You don't have to wait until after the holidays to get back on track, start NOW!!
20121213-173459.jpg What are your best tips for staying on track during the holidays?


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