Stairs Are Your Mortal Enemy: The Leg Workout

If you are looking to change up your leg routine or just bored and want to try something different and aren’t afraid of a little pain and suffering (it’s worth it in the end) then give this leg routine a shot. Remember, tears are just weakness leaving your body. Haha kidding! 


Warm up:

  1. Plank: 2-3 minutes total time

  2. Side plank: 90 seconds per side total time

  3. Single leg glute bridges - 30 reps per side

  4. Walking lunges, bodyweight - 45 seconds

Stairs Are Your Mortal Enemy: The Leg Workout #legday


1) Walking barbell lunges (use dumbbells if barbell isn’t possible): 4 sets

> 12 steps out and 12 steps back (count each step).

> Add 20-40lbs in weight per set for a barbell or 5-10lbs for dumbbells.

> 60-90 seconds rest between sets.


2) Incline leg press: 2 sets x 100

> That’s right. 100 reps per set. Try and get as low as you can for a full range of motion and push out as many as you can in one go. If you need to (you’ll need to) take a SHORT rest pause between reps till you are at 100. The rest pause is just that, a pause. The break comes after the 100 reps.

> If it starts to really suck around 20-25 reps keep going, you are doing it right.

> Put an appropriate amount of weight on. Hint. It will be a lot less than your usual strength sets. ie. If you are pushing 6+ 45lb plates for sets of 10-12 you are putting 2 plates on.

> Rest 2 minutes before diving into your second set.


3) Leg extension drop sets: 3 sets x 10,10,10 (each set consists of 30 reps total)

> Put on the most weight you think you can do for 10 reps and then immediately drop the weight down after the first 10 to a lighter weight and do the same thing. Do that once more to finish out the set. You’ll do a total of 30 reps per set


4) Lying leg curls, with toes pointed: 4 x 10-12 reps

> Point your toes while doing this exercise. You’ll use less weight then you are used to but by pointing your toes your calves can’t assist at the knee to help move the weight so the hamstring will be doing all of the work and not your calf.

> Rest 60 seconds.


5.) Barbell glute bridges: 4x 12-15 reps

> Do this exercise if possible with your upper back on a bench with the bar across your hips. You might want to add a pad to the bar so that it doesn’t dig in too much. If you are doing a fair amount of weight (you should be) then that can be a real life saver. Once you have lifted the bar up and are in bridge position, hold onto the bar as you do the exercise. Make sure you are supported enough with your upper/middle back on the bench so that you don’t feel like you are sliding off the bench when sitting down.

> Rest 60 seconds.

This workout will take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.


Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Chris Hale, Personal Trainer


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