Never Skip Breakfast Again With This Strawberry Banana Bliss Smoothie!

Let's get real for a second. How many times per week do you run out the door in the mornings without eating breakfast? You and I both know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and sometimes it just doesn't fit into our schedule the way it should. How we begin the day will determine how the rest of the day goes. It will determine if we feel energized or if we feel dragging with a lack of energy. What we put in our bellies is directly related to how we physically feel. So if you are a skip breakfast and grab the coffee mug morning person then this blog is totally for you.

We all need and crave energy. I know I do! Sometimes it is so easy to want to grab a quick bowl of cereal or even forget breakfast and just get through the morning on 1-2 cups of coffee for the energy needed to survive the day. I don't want you to just survive through the day though; I want you to thrive through the day. I also don't want you to go on the "crash and crave" roller coaster for the entire day. If you begin your morning with caffeinated coffee and sugar, you will crash, and you will be either too tired to make it through your responsibilities or you will be reaching for another cup of coffee to get through a few more hours. Before you know it the craving will sneak up on you and next thing you know it's the afternoon and you have just finished off half a sleeve of thin mint cookies.

So we have to be smart and set ourselves up for success first thing! Smoothies are a super quick alternative to a fast breakfast that can help energize us throughout the entire day. When you toss in some greens, protein, a little fruit, and a healthy liquid like coconut water you are bound to feel energetic and ready to take on the day. Our bodies need protein, complex carbs and healthy fats in order to function properly and to prevent diseases. Starting the day with a smoothie also gives you well needed antioxidants which help protect our bodies from free radicals, and it is a great low glycemic start. Eating a low glycemic breakfast will help curb your sugar cravings for the entire day and it will also help with not crashing.

Next time you want a quick breakfast, try a delicious smoothie that will leave you feeling energized and motivated. To make this meal even quicker, go ahead and throw your smoothie ingredients together the night before and keep in your fridge or freezer. You could also use this trick to plan out smoothies for the whole week. A morning smoothie will help your body detoxify and will also provide your body with the nutrients it needs to produce natural energy and naturally boost your metabolism. Want 3 more yummy smoothie recipes to try out this week? Then download my free 3-Day Detox now!

So, what are you reaching for tomorrow morning? I know I will be pulling out my blender and getting ready for some long lasting energy.

Strawberry Banana Bliss Smoothie

What's your favorite morning smoothie recipe?


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