Exsoycise is now Awakened Nutrition and Training!


But don't be sad because we have moved over ALL the BEST content and you can find it all right HERE!


I started Exsoycise blog several years ago in hopes to inspire others through my soy-free health and fitness journey. Once I became a health coach, I started Awakened Nutrition & Training so that Chris and I could join forces to inspire and coach others while on their own journeys to health. Running two blogs became to time consuming and therefore our content suffered. We want to serve you guys the best way possible so we have combined the two blogs! You can still find all the great content you loved from Exsoycise PLUS lots of great new content that we hope will help to inspire you to live a strong, healthy, and happy life! 

Exsoycise is now Awakened Nutrition & Training, a blog for health seekers, food lovers and dream body sculptors!